Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Folly of Protestantism

Okay, so I was in the paper a few days ago about Catholics and the Bible. First of all, I want to say that Catholics are definitely into the Bible! We have been for 2,000 years and don’t let anyone else tell you differently!

My beef with Protestantism is it’s assumption that sola scriptura (the Bible alone as the source of saving truth) is at odds with sacred tradition and an infallible Church. I have to admit, Protestantism seemed really interesting to me when I first encountered it. When you think about its simplicity, in comparison to Catholicism that is, you’d think you’ve found the right place. The problem is, when you reduce everything to the Bible alone you end up not being able to settle any arguments over interpretation.

Protestants like to say that the Bible is easy to read and understand – and some say that it even interprets itself! All I can say is that if the Bible is so easy to use for doctrine, then why are there over 20,000 theologically contradictory Protestant sects? Protestantism failed the minute it started.

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