Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Evangelization and Salvation

I’m currently preparing a presentation for my parish on evangelization and the role the Catholic Church plays in the salvation of the world. Before I get into the topic at hand, I wanted to share with ya'll how excited I am about the presentation as I believe it’s going to get some media attention! Why? Because I’ve been in a war of words in the newspaper lately over this very topic. It’s been generating a good buzz in the community and now we’re looking to capitalize on it and draw some attention to this important topic! So say a prayer and let God’s will be done!

Okay, on to evangelization. One of my first thoughts on it basically comes down to this: if you came across something that changed your life forever, wouldn’t you want to tell others about it? I mean, just look at all those people calling around to get you to vote for so-and-so. And that’s just for some politician – we’re talking about God here. Really, if you can get all worked up over someone who would be in office for eight years at the most, why not get worked up over a God who loves you and wants to give you eternal life?! [An author once said: "We've confused politics and religion. We treat politics religiously and religion politically when we should be treating religion religiously and politics politically!"]

But speaking of eternal life, where does the Catholic Church fit in? Aren’t we all the same deep down? Well not quite! Jesus established one Church, built around the twelve apostles (if you’re not sure of these points, check out Jesus’ priestly prayer in John 17) – but particularly gave authority to Peter, the first Pope. Now which Protestant or Orthodox churches have leaders descending from the original twelve apostles and a direct successor of St. Peter? Thank, you’ve eliminated every Christian group or church.. but not the Catholic Church. Sorry guys, but Jesus has one bride not many. He's not a polygamist.

Well, there’s much, much more to be said, but that’s all for now.

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