Monday, December 31, 2007

The Commercialization of Motherhood

According to a human rights group, orphans in China are being abused and murdered by a government that refuses to protect them or give them care. Instead, China will do whatever it can to make some money off them. “The brutal treatment of orphans in Shanghai, which included deliberate starvation, torture and sexual assault, continued over a period of many years and led to the unnatural deaths of well over 1,000 children between 1986 and 1992 alone” – that’s only in the city of Shanghai! Online statistics place orphans well above the 100,000 mark in the United States! It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that orphans number in the millions worldwide.

Thus you can understand my displeasure to hear that women in India are being used in the commercialization of surrogate motherhood, getting paid quite a handful to help all those infertile couples in the world. Now I totally understand the desire to have a family but look at all the children in the world who have no home who are facing a life of abuse. I’ve personally been to an orphanage in Cambodia – where the kids ARE treated very well – but they grow up with no family whatsoever. I’m sorry, but if I were married and couldn’t have children, I’d adopt 5-10!

And I haven’t even mentioned the moral implications of surrogate motherhood. The Catholic Church is officially against the act because it denies the unitive element to the matrimonial embrace – in fact, it eliminates that loving union all together! “Wombs for Rent” – or so they’re calling it – also raises another moral question: is it really fair to take poor women off the street and offer them all kinds of money to have babies that aren’t their own and will soon be taken away? Oh yeah, and how many times will these women have children for others and when will they get to have some for themselves? I mean, you can have many kids, but how many times does someone want to go through all that?!

The whole thing sounds sick and twisted. Please people, adopt the children that need you!

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