Saturday, December 22, 2007

An Apostle at Bethlehem

Well I have to admit, it was a crazy day today (now yesterday) and I'm a bit too tired to write much. It began with Mass with the new Archbishop, visiting the school I teach at: Bethlehem Academy. Archbishop Nienstedt began his homily by saying that it was fitting that he should come to 'Bethlehem' five days before Christmas! I thought it was extra neat being that he is a direct successor to one of the twelve apostles and he was here instructing us and drawing us closer to Christ and His Church.

After Mass, he took a couple hours to meet with the seniors, answering many of their questions, ranging from "why did you become a priest?" to "Would you deny the Eucharist to pro-choice Catholic politians who refused to live out their Faith in their work?" (he said "yes" to the latter question!). Anyhoo, I'm always engergized when I see the successors of the Apostles at work!

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