Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Psychological Argument against Abortion

Okay, this argument I developed isn’t general enough to convince all people of the immorality of abortion. It really takes some moral intuition to agree with it. But if one has a heart, it should make at least a crack in that person’s stance on abortion.

Many people today say that they are not pro-abortion but pro-choice. They even say that they would never get an abortion but that having the freedom to choose is what is important. Choice is really a middle ground between pro-abortion and pro-life. They even say that they really don’t support abortion and that they would like the number abortions to decrease.

These same people, however, say that abortion is just a medical procedure, that the baby is just a part of the woman’s body and that she has a right to do what she wants with her body. [Of course they never explain how this particular organ in the woman’s body has its own organs or how this organ can have a different genetic code from the rest of the woman’s organs.]

But their view is inconsistent.

If the baby is just a part of the woman’s body, then there is no reason not to be openly pro-abortion. My dad had heart bypass surgery a few years ago. Without that surgery he would be dead today. Thus I’m very much pro-heart bypass surgery. There’s nothing wrong with it. I don’t have to say I’m “pro-choice” about heart bypass surgery.

In conclusion, one only hides behind the name “pro-choice” when they know deep down that abortion is wrong.

[Note: This argument can lead one to realizing that abortion is wrong – but it can also lead one to “bite the bullet” and be openly pro-abortion, so use it with care!]

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