Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baroma Wins - Time to Move?

I was talking to someone today about the unspeakable results of Tuesday's election. This particular person was talking about moving from Minnesota in hopes of finding a safer and better place to live. Canada came up - but in all honesty, it's much worse there! Not only are a great many of their politicians spineless, but so too are many of their bishops!

But truth be told, now is the time to rally behind the Pro-Life cause. It was the Pro-Life movement that brought Bush to his second term - and it was the rewarded with the apointments of Pro-Life Catholic justices on the Supreme Court (Roberts and Alito).

Some people rejoiced over the one silver-lining: gay marraige was again opposed across the country. I believe this is a hollow victory, however, for when Baroma gets his judical nominees in place, they will overturn the will of the people on such basic moral issues.

Hopefully people will understand this in four years.

So when someone tells me they want to leave, I say stay and fight. The war for Life is not lost - only one battle. It took America over 200 years to defeat slavery - and while we do not know how long this new war for freedom will last, all we can do is our duty and fight on.

The fact is: Minnesota is not the most dangerous place in America; the most dangerous place is the womb.

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