Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catholic Bishops: It’s War!

Though I am still in shock over the fact that so many Catholics voted for Barama last week, I am feeling very proud of the way the US Bishops are re-acting to his radical abortion stand. I have a good vibe that in four years, things will be very different. I believe that if Barama attempts to press a hard-line pro-choice agenda, the war is on!

Here’s what a handful of bishops have said in the last 24 hours:

Bishop Bruskewitz (Omaha): "One cannot compromise between the fire and the fire department, the fly and the fly swatter. There are things that don't admit of compromise - and a vile … intrinsic evil such as abortion do not admit us any such compromise."

Bishop Martino (Scranton): "We are going to have to speak as firmly as possible to Catholic politicians who are not merely reluctant to vote pro-life, but are stridently anti-life… We have to [use] something like [excommunication]. I cannot have the vice president-elect coming to Scranton saying he learned his values there, when his values, at least in the area of abortion, are utterly against the teachings of the Catholic Church."

Bishop Conlon (Steubenville): "Some people may think it's time for a truce, but we're dealing with a moral absolute. There's nothing here that allows for common ground. We're talking about a human being whose life cannot be compromised."

Bishop Hermann (St. Louis): "Any bishop here would be willing, would consider it a privilege, to die tomorrow if it meant ending abortion… We should dedicate the rest of our lives to taking any kind of criticism, whatever it is, to stop this horrible genocide."

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