Monday, November 10, 2008

Gay Marriage Supporters Get Violent

In case you are unaware, last week the citizens of California voted in a measure to overturn a California Supreme Court ruling which legalized gay marriage in the state. The measure, Proposition 8, was a success – but gay “rights” activists have taken to the streets, chanting hate and even beating those who opposed them.

Here are some excerpts from a recent article about the protests:

“Supporters of California’s Proposition 8 are reporting harassment and even violent assaults from opponents protesting the passage of the ballot proposal which rescinded a California Supreme Court decision that imposed same-sex marriage on the state.”

“Paul Bishop, a Los Angeles Police Department supervisor reported on the election aftermath…”

While both sides were opposed to each other, “‘…the way to tell the difference [between them] is the No On 8 supporters [pro-gay marriage] usually accompanied their horn honking with an obscene gesture or a string of obscenities. They also liked to swerve their cars toward the children on the curb.’”

Bishop, “… noted that several of his ward members had received hate mail after their names, religious affiliation, contribution amounts, and addresses were published on a web site inciting Proposition 8 opponents to target the individuals listed.”

“Los Angeles police were deployed to keep the peace at an anti-Proposition 8 protest held last Thursday at the city’s LDS temple, where protesters were rushing the gates… ‘The late local news showed scenes of several Hispanic females in tears outside the temple trying to remove the signs desecrating the walls and fences surrounding the temple. As these individuals – who according to a temple spokesperson were not church members – removed the hate-filled signs, the mob exploded and began beating the individuals to the ground,’ Bishop wrote in Meridian. ‘Police intervened and arrests were made, but the fact this was allowed to happen at all was appalling.’”

“‘The time has come to take it out there to the people who voted for this awful thing,’ said San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty [a supporter of gay marriage].”

It’s ironic when peace-loving, anti-war liberals act like terrorists in their own lands.

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