Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Iraq Tactic

I came across an interesting article about a new tactic in Iraq. No it’s not about using bigger guns or employing more unmanned aerial vehicles. In fact, it’s not a physical weapon at all.

The new tactic: education.

A group of anthropology professors, most of whom are passifists, have signed up, put on the uniform, and are now in Iraq. Their mission: embed themselves with front line units, teaching the men about Islam and the cultural background of the Iraqi people.

Here’s an excerpt:

“‘It's a huge asset,’ said Staff Sergeant Dustin ‘Boogie’ Brueggemann who, as a tactical psychological operations specialist, has spent the past year trying to win hearts and minds in Adhamiya, until a few months ago one of the most violent strongholds of Sunni Arab militants in Iraq.

‘The guys who were out with him were saying: “Dr Matsuda's so smart!” Soldiers even on the lowest level now, we see the big picture just by listening to him talk,’ he said.

‘He gave me so much information that had I known it a year ago I could have done things differently,’ he said. ‘He gave me a history of the Ubaidi tribe. A lot of people here are members of that tribe. I knew a little bit about them, but I didn't realize just how big they were.’”

What surprises me is that these pacifist soldiers are being attacked as pro-war by there secular friends in the intellectual establishment! It just goes to show how little these far-Left loons really know!

I will say, however, that this is MUCH different than in old wars in which professors signed up to fight, not just to teach. One could say that our country survived the Civil War when Col. Chamberlain, a professor from Maine, held back Confederate forces from overwhelming the Union army at Gettysburg.

Perhaps the professors will win wars once again?

Read the story here

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