Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Huck-a-boom or Huck-a-bust?

Presidential candidates are not to be shunned because of skin color or sex – as a matter of fact, to say so would bring public shame and potential lawsuits. I’m not a big fan of Senators Obama or Clinton – but it is primarily because of their positions on abortion. With this standard I’m not a fan of Edwards either!

But I think it should be equally shameful for one to say: “I’m not voting for him because he’s a Mormon” or “I’m not voting for him because he was a Baptist minister.”

Independents after Sunday night’s FoxNews GOP debate seemed to say the latter about Mike Huckabee. Claiming they knew little about him, then turning around to flat out say he talked about his faith too prominently, a fact Huckabee really didn’t bring up in the debate – except in a jovial act of self-criticism.

This leads me to grow angry with the media bias – among conservative and liberal media alike. It also leads me to wonder if Huckabee can overcome the image he has received from the establishment and actually succeed in winning the nomination and then the general election in November.

I’m not sure how well Huckabee will need to perform in New Hampshire tonight – but I suppose a strong third place would keep his momentum up and take him into a first place finish in South Carolina, Florida, and then the rest of the South. But who knows? Hilary sure found out the hard way. We’ll certainly know more tonight!

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