Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why Socialism is Anti-Christian, Anti-Catholic

There are a great many people who like what Obama is doing to our economy but hesitate to call it what it is: socialism. But what is the philosophy that guides socialism which becomes so opposed to our faith? Well, belive it or not, there is a philosophy that guides everything and everyone. How we view the world will greatly affect how we live in the world and what kind of government and economy will shape the world.

Christians believe that the world was created by God and that, through sin, we have damaged our relationship with God. We also believe that by the power of Christ's victory over sin, death, and the devil, we may be restored to life in Him. Catholics get a little more techinical by explaining that (though I'm sure some Protestants can agree) those redeemed in Christ still suffer from something called "concupiscence" - which is the tendancy to sin. So although we may have come to Christ and be empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are like ex-addicts still drawn to the "beauty" of sin (whether it's sins of the flesh, the world, or the devil).

Furthermore, Catholics understand that we are not perfect but nevertheless strive to truly become saints. In other words, one day we shall find ourselves in a state where we will sin no more. The process of purification from sin and the tendancy to sin goes on right now, but we also believe it could happen after death in the process (not place) of Purgatory.

C.S. Lewis wrote of Purgatory: "Our souls demand Purgatory, don't they? Would it not break the heart if God said to us, 'It is true, my son, that your breath smells and your rags drip with mud and slime, but we are charitable here and no one will upbraid you with these things, nor draw away from you. Enter into the joy'? Should we not reply, 'With submission, sir, and if there is no objection, I'd rather be cleaned first.' 'It may hurt, you know' - 'Even so, sir.'"

Catholics also tend to emphasize the fact that God likes to designate his authority to as many others as he can. I should think that Purgatory will be a wonderful time (if "time" can be used) of reflection and guidance into sanctity by the great saints and angels. We all know God is so powerful he could make everything he wants to happen happen all at once! But he sends Gabriel ahead of him to announce Good News; he calls the great patriarchs and prophets to do wonders; he called twelve young men to topple the Roman Empire - and he allows you and me to pray for each other and help each other in this life and in the next!

But what does all this have to do with socialism?

Socialism is fundamentally opposed to Christianity in general and Catholcism in particular because it opposes everything I have said above. Perhaps the most damning aspect of socialism is the fact that it takes away the concept of giving people the power to act according to the their nature and freedom as the children of God. Not only does socialism set itself up as GOD, but its image of God is an image of dominance and control. Socialism is the God that controls all aspects of how people will live their lives, enslaving them to what the government wills - thus it's really the Devil.

But there's more "Devil" in this to be found. The philosophy guiding socialism, I believe, is quite hellish. Why's that? Well I don't think any honest, hard-working American really wants a socialist State. Unfortunately, the socialism entering America is a result of social movements dating back to the 60s. People began to demand more rights - which in itself is very good (epecially the Civil Rights movement). For many, however, This demand for "rights" began to become a demand for license, irresponsibility, immorality, and selfishness. In other words, the "freedoms" of the individual led people into pure self-interest and selfishness.

And what were the results? The new "me, me, me" philosophy of the 60s and 70s led to a tremendous decline of church attendance, a massive increase in violence, teen pregnancy, and poverty as a result of lust. Americans were told to hate their country, hate their parents, and hate anyone else with authority. More importantly, the anti-church philosophy guiding the times helped keep churches from operating, much less helping the poor, teaching children, and running hosptitals.

So what happens when people won't help others as they should and don't go to church to worship the God who will bring them to living upright lives? The government steps in; steps in happily, mind you. It first attacks the economy because it isn't "fair" enough by enslaving the economy to foriegn powers, then it attacks morality by enslaving individuals to their passions (because slavery to sin is somehow what "freedom" is all about). In the end, it can only lead to a nation's self-destruction and to individuals in hell. That last part is the scary part. Where will our children and our children's children live for eternity? Where will all the Tommy's and Tiffany's, David's and Danielle's go when their lives on Earth conclude? If socialism is bad, hell will assurdly be much, much worse.

Is that the kind of change we can believe in?

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