Friday, April 3, 2009

Liberals versus Unionists?

It's kind of funny when Far Left mouthpieces like the New York Times begin to reap what they sow.

Or do they?

According to other media outlets: "The New York Times Co has threatened to shut The Boston Globe unless the newspaper's unions quickly agree to $20 million in concessions..." What's so hilarious here is that for years the New York Times has been promoting unions again and again. What's perhaps most ironic is that, instead of giving the workers a "fair" wage, they plan simply to fire all of them and put them on the street. How liberal-sounding is that? Unfortunately, their Far Left agenda has left them to bite their own bullet. But now when it's time to walk the walk they appear to be crippled. Or maybe they're just hippocrits.

I think we all know which one it is.

But here's the deal: it often does come down to unionists needing to take a hit. But it's really not a hit. For example, GM unionists make between $30-$40 an hour to watch an automated machine build cars. That's why your new cars cost so much and why car companies need government help for years. The Left says: "I know the American people can't afford your crap, so we'll make them pay anyways by bailing you out!" The Right seems more resonable in saying: "Hey GM, pay your people a just wage but don't let them strangle you and the American people by demanding extremely high (and thus also unjust) wages."

As a Christian, I'd say asking for $40 dollars an hour is a sin against the fourth commandment: honor your father and mother. This commandment extends itself to matters of proper authority. Businesses, like parents, need to treat their employees properly - but employees, like children, need to be fair and honest with their employers. For years we've been told to rebel against authority, whether it's our parents, employers, government, or even God. Unfortunately the agenda of the secular Far Left, which sponsors such rebellion, can only lead us to one place: the anarchy of hell. This hell, however, will begin here and follow us beyond the grave.

So much for for the Utopia they've promised.

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