Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Apology For History

Some people have asked me why history is so important. The most pointed debate I had was with a Marxist. They of course lack so much common sense that they would even argue against the law of non-contradiction. Nevertheless, I believe that history is tremendously important. History is the memory of a very old and ancient people.

Ever see the movie 50 First Dates?

Imagine if we treated history like that. Every year or so we’ll just wipe our slate clean and forget anything happened before it. But no society can really work that way. It’d be a great tool if Obama gets elected… But seriously history is remembering our own past, helping us to look to the future.

What’s more important is that history is His Story. The Story of Christ,

Think about it. Anyone who is eternally saved is saved by being in Christ – by being incorporated into his body, the Church. And if those before Christ could be saved by the graces of the cross in advance (like Moses or Abraham), then the whole of human history is the history of Christ.

So just as ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ (St. Jerome), ignorance of history is ignorance of Christ.

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