Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey You! Read This!

I hope I caught you with that in-your-face title! I’ve been doing a lot of reading about G.K. Chesterton and I wanted to share some really cool quotes from him!

So keep reading!

“Christianity has not been tried and found wanting, it has been found difficult and left untried.”

“Religious liberty is supposed to mean a man is free to discuss his faith, in practice it means he is hardly allowed to mention it.”

On liberal Protestants: “I grew up in a world in which the Protestants, who had just proved that Rome [supposedly] did not believe in the Bible, were excitedly discovering that they did not believe in the Bible themselves.”

“There are no uneducated people. Everybody…is educated; only most are educated wrong.”

On housewives and feminism: “…when people begin to talk about [a woman’s] domestic duty as not merely difficult but trivial and dreary, I simply give up the question. …a woman’s function is [indeed] laborious, but because it is gigantic, not because it is minute. I will pity Mrs. Jones for the hugeness of her task; I will never pity her for its smallness.”

“Men invent new ideals because they dare not attempt old ideals. They look forward with enthusiasm, because they are afraid to look back.”

“Take away the supernatural, and what remains is the unnatural.”

“Catholic doctrine and discipline may be walls; but they are the walls of a playground.”

“Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.”

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