Sunday, August 24, 2008

I thought Obama was doing something different…

I’ve never been a fan of Obama. In fact, I’ve personally disliked him since he beat Alan Keyes in Illinois for Senate a few years back. And I still think Clinton would have been a stronger choice for a presidential nominee than Barack Obama. But I will say that his talk of “hope” and “change” were somehow fresh enough to give Republicans a run for their money.

Then he had to get all status quo on us.

At the beginning of summer he said he would debate McCain anytime anywhere. Then when he led in the polls he stayed safely away from a challenge. Now when it comes to a place where he could pick some “audaciously hopeful” VP nominee, he chooses the status quo Joe Biden – who only months ago basically made a racist remark about African Americans running for president.

And where’s Hilary? If Obama really wanted to win, he’d go with her.

Alas Obama, who said he was going to run an entirely new form of Democratic campaign, is just doing the same old, same old. I don’t know if McCain has a chance of winning this election, but as of right now he’s certainly doing a better job of it.

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