Saturday, February 23, 2008

Writer's Strike Fallout

Well I have to admit, I'm really not into movies or TV like I used to be. In fact, there are only a couple of TV shows I watch on a regular basis. Now that the writer's strike is over, word is coming down about the fate of TV shows... Turns out that my favorite show, 24, which was supposed to debut last month, is being delayed until NEXT January! If you haven't seen this show, go down to your video store and check it out! 24 is entering its seventh season now and I just started watching the show all over again with my sister - it's so entertaining!

But at least I can look forward to a couple great movies this summer. Indiana Jones will kick things off and I'm really hoping it will have been worth the wait. The trailer looks awesome and Ford (at age 65!) is still looking and and acting in his usual Indy self. Later in the summer the new Batman movie comes out with Heath Ledger. I have to see this just for the sake of seeing what drove Heath over the deep end. Who knows, he may get a postumous Oscar nomination for best supporting actor - and if you doubt that, just watch the trailer as his acting looks fantastic.

Let's see, how 'bout some other movie news. The writer's strike was good in one way: it delayed the production of the Da Vinci Code prequel! This movie, Angels & Demons, will come out in May 2009. As to long running movie series', a couple new ones are on the way. James Bond will return later this year in the Quantum of Solace - a really dumb sounding name for a Bond film! But at the longest running movie series (at 22 movies), I guess they can call it whatever they want! The next longest running movie series, Star Trek (at 11 movies), has a new movie coming out in May of 2009 - a week or two before Angels & Demons. So I think I'll have to see this the night Angels & Demons comes out just so I can help funnel money away from that anti-Catholic Dan Brown!

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