Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm Back...

Well I must say that 2008 has been a crazy year thus far. In the last two weeks my work schedule has changed considerably, I’m looking at a move in the very near future, and now a close workmate has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer and has only a short time to live… So when is 2009 gonna get here? Oh yeah it’s only February.

Well we do what we have to.

Besides, all this negative talk really put things into perspective for me. We don’t have a whole lot of time here so we better figure out what God put us here for and get to work. We’re on a mission after all. So I’m working harder and faster and I’ve decided I need to get more posting done – so here comes some posts on the Catechism.

Perhaps you’re thinking: “Gee, that’s random.” But really, I think too few Catholics really study the Catechism of the Catholic Church when we ought to be spending at least one hour in study every day! So maybe I can help out by giving some guidance to your study.

Oh yeah, I decided to focus on Part Two (the Liturgy and Sacraments), so don’t expect to begin at the beginning. My bad. But I will give a brief explanation in my first real post on the subject.

Get Ready!

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