Monday, May 12, 2008

Well, It Appears Democrats’ Brains Are Smaller Than I Thought

Please, don’t take that the wrong way!

What I mean is that the Democrats are poised to nominate the total loser Barack Obama as their nominee for President in 2008. Okay, maybe he’s not a total loser – but he’s no where near the candidate that Hilary Clinton is. Sure, Obama has his message of “hope” and all that “look to the future” baloney. It just proves he’s a sleazier politician than Hilary.

But at least Hilary has some experience behind her. Obama hasn’t even finished one term as a U.S. Senator! Let’s not forget that, like it or not, there is a war going on. Even if you’re against the war I would still trust Hilary over Obama to handle an exit-strategy.

And then there’s Jeremiah Wright. Enough said.

So what I’m getting here is this: Yes, it looks like a Democratic year. But there has to be someone better than Obama to run! In the end, Operation Chaos I believe will pay off and many of Hilary’s moderate supporters (along with Catholics, myself included) will swing over to McCain, bringing him to a November win.

And just to be clear, I quiver at thought of supporting Obama or Clinton!!


Andy said...

Hillary is too divisive. If the democrats want the female version of GWB (in terms of his polarization) then they'd go with HRC.

Andrew Lynch said...

You're right about Hillary being very divisive. But.. the electoral map of the US shows many more key states locked in for her and up for grabs with Obama...

Andy said...

while the point is now moot, there are actually a few traditionally republican, bible-belt states (including Kansas) that are now being seen as up-for-grabs because they've begun to realize that McCain is nothing more than GWB without the Jesus.

Andrew Lynch said...

You're right! But that's an issue McCain would face if either Obama or Hilary was chosen. My thought was that Hilary would be more likely to pull a state like Kansas than Obama. Ever since the Wright scandal came out, Obama's numbers have gone down. If McCain picks a solid conservative Christian to run with, he'll shore up his base while Obama keeps getting hit for being too liberal and elitist.